Saturday, 28 November 2009


Hey chaps, as I sit here under the jet black December sky with fingers poised to tap out a bunch of my latest musings, I realise that the festive season is but a breath away! Last week I sensed a delicious, well rounded pause in the air before the flurry, scurry and inevitable hurry towards that pert little twenty four hours known as Christmas Day- sadly it was short lived and I have begun to observe signs that the madness is now with us- the flushed cheeks of a woman who feels compelled to out do last year's attempt at perfection, the distant stare of a man who dies a million times inside when his kids announce their wish list, and the glassy eyes of a pensioner who just hopes they'll be warm enough and that someone will call round.....
Crikey Mel's having a vaguely dark moment! don't get me wrong, I am an out and out die hard fan of the whole festive bit, I LOVE IT, but I just don't get it why everyone goes so nuts. Just... chill... world.

Anyway ,The Sunnies are all well, and it's still noses to the wheel as we bring our collection of demos for the album towards it's much longed for and frequently dreamed of completion- I know it seems like I've been saying it for eons, but it really is all coming together now and sometimes you just have to take time over things- we've learnt more than I could imagine working in our little unit of 3, and we've watched our writing process develop before our very eyes. Each time a song resides firmly under our belts, we can draw upon those experiences and add it to the next, probably without even realising it. There have been agonising moments when we've creatively hit a bit of a brick wall, but it's been amazing too and worth every second that we've had to wait for the magic to return!!

Good people I must away as my voice needs a good night's sleep.....
Take care and looking forward to catching up soon!
Mel xxx

Monday, 26 October 2009


Hello gang 'tis time for another blog-ette methinks! I trust that you are abounding in wellness and have readjusted to the fact that a riot of dark winter evenings have once again pitched up on our very doorsteps, handed in their annual petition against all things clement, and are now poised to revel in cutting short our daily light source until they are finally yet firmly nudged on by another thankful onset of Spring...... It's not all bad though- staring up at twinkly freezing skies, waking up to a snow laden world, walking on the beach when it's just you and the moon, getting too hot by the fire, rain on the roof, lashings of hearty soup,..... these are a few of my favourite things!

We are happy to announce that we have another completed track- SIRENS- but talk about tough to get there! The journey with this one was not for the faint hearted- just did crazy amounts of re-writes and went round in many circles before we came out of the mire- I can't really remember how we ended up being eventually spewed out of that dark, treacly place, I must have used half a tree to get the lyrics right and we're only using about half of them- sorry tree. But I guess you just keep plugging away till you have a bunch of little break throughs and one thing seems to spark another. I'm loving the track though and it was well worth all the grief! It's pretty dancy and upbeat and we're all well up for putting it 1st on the album. Moshability factor = extremely high on this one, so get ready you little groovers you!

Manflu has dealt an unwelcome blow to Lee this past week, so hope you're wrapped up warm and tight dude and on that road to recovery..... The next track we're gonna write has a really chilled vibe, which kind of feels right after the emotional assault of the last one! Maybe it's a girl thing, cos' Ian and Lee are pretty calm when a song isn't quite working, whereas I can get into this rapid downward spiral that goes something like - I'll-never-write-another-song-again, which is completely nutsville and I should SO know better!!

I think I am slightly in love with a guitar that we tried out on Saturday- it was a Taylor and it sang. I am not in love with the price.

Also go see the new Terry Gilliam movie The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus- O.K O.K, so maybe the story line isn't the strongest in the world and a couple of popcorn strewn revellers did actually vacate their seats about half way through the movie, BUT the sheer creativity and visual melange will not disappoint- especially if you are of an artistic disposition and have a fondness for all things Monty Python. Enjoy!

Peace like that old river! Mel xxx.

Sunday, 4 October 2009


Mr. A safely returns! These past two weeks we have sorely and unashamedly missed the dulcet tones and nifty riffs of Lee, as he zipped over to Turkey for a well earned holiday en famille. We haven't hooked up in the flesh yet, but by all accounts his trip was extremely eventful- attempting to save a man's life at sea and experiencing the joys and enviable epidermal benefits of a full-body mud pack to name but two!

Hark! We've been stoking up the home fires and they're burning ever brightly-we're longing to cement those final few tunes with a longingness akin to an unquenchable, super-sized desire trapped in the lift at the top floor of the Burj Dubai, having been relocated to the very end of the Pan- American Highway.... ummmm, this analogy is beginning to give me brain strain, so I'll take the route of good old plain English instead- we're just dead keen to crack on!!

Last weekend saw me and Ian take to The Downs armed with Bob's camera (Ta Bob!), my satellite and just the right amount of Autumn sunshine to snap a few shots of my paper handywork- I named it Legacy 3 after me, Ian and Lee and the fact that our tunes will far out live us- although I did read with a fair degree of scepticism this week, that scientists have discovered something that can keep muscles young and prevent the ageing process- does the same apply for your marbles I wonder?

So anyways, it was a successful photo shoot, interrupted only by the curiousity of passers- by who wanted to know if I was actually going to launch the thing- Na, this baby only orbits in your imaginations!!
Well until next time-take good care of that skin you're in!
Mel xxx

Friday, 18 September 2009


Hi you good bunch!
Itza new day itza new dawn and with it comes our latest offering- SIRENS, although we're not quite out of the woods yet with this little bute -for some reason this particular song is proving to be a test of patience, perseverance, perspiration and all the other P words whose bi-products, once out of and through the mire, are a healthy strengthening of character and resolve! I look forward to receiving those gifts but for now I think we're still perched and poised somewhere in the middle of all this.

Can't really put our fingers on why it's gone this way- maybe we lost sight of that initial inspiration or because we wrote on different days we changed the vibe too much- who knows? But what I do know is that we have some great parts and we just need to recapture the threads that will link it all together. Giving up is not something we do- think of SUNSOMA as a three headed Jack Russell with a mighty bone - there just is no point in trying to get it off us!
So, the song WILL emerge standing tall and fully clothed in all its' glory, we're just taking a bit of time to achieve it that's all.

My PAPER SATELLITE is at last complete ( and what a size-mic arts and craft exercise it's been too! ) I'll take some pics this weekend and load it up for your perusal.

Hey did anyone see The Human Bird on T.V last week? This dude basically hurls himself off buildings and mountains in nothing more than a webbed shell suit and then pulls a parachute at the last minute- crazy crazy CRAZEEEEEE!!
I'm off to revisit Sirens and see if inspiration comes my way
Take care all
Mel xxx

Tuesday, 1 September 2009


Hi allski- Hope you've had a Summer of marvellousness and are feeling refreshed and ready for all that season 3 of 2009 has to offer. We're all good here, although I must apologise for being a super sized slacker with my blogs lately- we've been doing our nomadic thing again- moving from house to house over the Summer and just busy busy with family, friends, camping trips, room makeovers and the like, and I don't know where the time's gone, but gone it has!

Lee came and hung out with us for a few weeks too- it was a real pleasure to have him about, although being of the nocturnal variety, we would sometimes pass like ships in the night! But alternate sleep patterns aside, when we did meet up it gave us a chance to work on our ideas and just be together which is a major part of being in a band too- otherwise it's way too clinical and you just become no more than work associates.

Saturday saw us back on old stomping ground- we haven't met in the church basement for months, so it was good to get back to it and a new tune is in the making! Finishing our demos had slowed up over the last couple of months so we were all hungry to make up for lost time- we're so nearly there, just need to focus on these last few numbers.

Looking forward to seeing the progress of our animation video for Paper Satellites at some point too - matey Aidan is the brains and undisputed talent behind that little project, so can't wait! When I think about it, The Sunnies have so much to look forward to and little by little it's all coming together-Happy Days! take care all Mel xxx.

Saturday, 11 July 2009


and moi would plunge head first into an icy cold rectangle of water, whilst, as if by some magnetic force, every cloud in the sky is simultaneously compelled to morph into a giant water pistol and aim straight for my head- yes, it happened to me today and it was actually a strangely pleasant experience that if at all possible, I am fairly determined to repeat. Glancing at the weather reports, tomorrow and the next day seem like good candidates for another serious dousing!!

The reason for all this wateryness is that The Sunnies are house sitting in a new location that sports a dreamy cool turquoise pool and an ultra cosy loft space that we've kinda rearranged ever-so-slightly into a music studio, so we're all set for a good stint of writing, recording and generally being the creative bods that we love to be. There is the mother of all train sets in the room next door- don't really get the whole model railway thing, but I have to say I can appreciate the detail- each building is a lovingly crafted work of art and must have taken a nuts amount of time to piece together.

Anyway, matey Lee is coming up tomorrow and we'll get restuck into LIGHTS- a song that we first tapped into way back in January. We had other songs that we were still adding the icing to at the time, so we decided to keep this little beauty on the back burner till we had the head space- and now it seems we do.

We are in a state of blissful agreement that this will be the last track on the album- the sentiment is one of hope and of pushing on despite whatever comes, and it's just crying out to be there really. In my mind the chorus is pretty much set in stone now- it was one of those inspired moments where music and melody are inseparable- now why would you want to mess with that? Verses are coming along nicely and the outro is all there too, so I have high hopes for this track.
I'm gonna sign off for now- as I sit here I'm listening to the comforting sound of rain on the roof and it makes me feel just grateful- yep, really grateful for everything I have.
Cheers all take it easy!

Mel xx.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009


....does indeed have a silver lining, all be it a bakingly hot one right now! Yep, the Sunnies were all set to do a live acoustic set on Radio Lion tonight, but alas and somewhat disappointingly, our pint sized road trip ( it only takes 20 mins to get there! ), has now been postponed for a couple of weeks- due to-not sure-something-ish.

On reflection, it could be a colossal Godsend though, as hopelessly trying to grip on to your guitar with sweaty mitts and a burning brow doesn't exactly bode well for a cool, calm and collected performance- Mandy's little studio is pretty roasty at the best of times, so what with this heat wave, methinks we've kinda escaped that one!

Anyway, back to the silver lining-I was putting the set together and really felt I'd like to put something new in there- we've been recording demos for quite a while, but I haven't actually sat down, guitar in hand and just messed about with a bunch of chords for ages. Wehey RESULT! a new song has emerged- title is either gonna be: WHAT'S NOT TO LIKE or MAKING OF ME- can't quite decide yet! but I'm really into it. Ian's heard it and has given the thumbs up, so just gotta see if Lee likes it too. So there you have it - no to the gig, but yes to a new song! I shall sign off for now in a very contented mood and go and have a strum or two of the Mel xx.

Friday, 26 June 2009

R. I. P. JACKO.....

Just wanted to pay my respects to Michael- I wasn't the kind of fan to camp outside his house or bear my teeth as I fought over tickets- but I have bought albums and tried in vain to attempt the moon walk ( come on now so have you! ) and despite the bizarre life choices he's made, I still respect him hugely for his contribution to the music world and I am truly sad that he died under such seemingly huge stress levels. It is a sobering reminder that fame does not immunise you from death- in fact, very often the opposite appears to be true.
However much the family may wish to grieve in private, this will be a hugely public affair and no doubt in Diana style our T.V viewing will be dominated by a glittering array of 'Jackomentaries' for the foreseeable future.

Rest In Peace Michael Jackson.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009


Hey Chaps
Hope this finds you well and in high spirits-what with it being pretty toastie on the weather front right now (well at least for today anyway!) and knowing that we still have a sizeable chunk of Summer left to unfold- I was a bouncy June baby, so I guess this is my time of year if that makes any sense!

The Sunnies are still steadily making headway- we've recently been in touch with a very talented animator who is going to put together a film to go with our song PAPER SATELLITES. This is tres exciting for us as we love all things visual and can't wait to see what the fellow is going to come up with- it's gonna be so interesting to see his interpretation of one of our tracks- keep you posted.

On that self same subject- I have almost almost almost finished my paper creation now- I know it's been a ridiculously long time in the making, but I suppose I've just been adding to it and refining it bit by bit- if a job's worth doing and all that.....!
Just got one or two details left and then she'll be on display in all her cosmic glory!!!

Lee has also designed SUNNY our kind of band robot/mascot/thingy- well whatever he is, he is very cute and bagsy that I get to wear the first printed T-shirt!!

Still working on the last few tracks and bits of artwork for the album- looks like Lee 's folks are doing some building work at their place and we can use one of the rooms as a fairly permanent set-up to record in- we likey oh yes we do!
Speak soon take care all Mel xxx.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009


Hi troops! hope you're all feeling 'topped up' after the Bank Holiday week-end and ready to grab the week by it's ankles! We did our usual writing stint on Saturday- been doing loads of house sitting recently- feel we've sort of become like a bunch of musical nomads travelling around with all our recording gear from place to place- we set up camp, work on a song and then move on to the next destination. Who knows, maybe being in all these different places helps to keep the creativity flowing. We've got no shortage of ideas at the moment, so it must be working!

I'm happy to report that we're writing a new track-it kind of 'morphs' it's way out of the end of PAPER SATELLITES using the same piano riff but with a completely different vocal line. It's quite chilled and will hopefully add balance to the more full-on tracks on the album. Almost simultaneously, we've been inspired with another track (title still to be decided!), which is a mellow little number too. At this rate we are in serious danger of having too many tracks to fit on the album, but give me this kind of danger any day!

This pre production stage may have been a long old haul but it's been SO worth it and it's taught us bag loads of stuff- just can't wait to hear it all properly recorded....bring it on!

Speak soon Mel xx.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009


Hi all! It's been a little while I know since I last logged in - the last month has been quite a patchy affair- Lee was feeling under the weather so we had to cancel a few meet ups, plus we've had a serious quota of technology malfunction to contend with and-oh yeah, Ian and I went gallivanting off to Devon for a few days which was just the best thing- we visited this crazy place called the valley of rocks and basically walked our faces off!!! the scenery was to die for and well worth clambering up all those vertical-lactic acid- inducing-hills ! ( I have now decided to become a huge and official fan of gallivanting- it needs to be done- often!).
So no, in truth not our most productive of months but nay mind, we shall soon be back on track.......

Last Saturday saw the band taking more of a 'gall' than a 'vant' down to Brighton- Ian and Lee wanted to check out guitar amps and Amy (Lee's girl) needed something Moulin Rouge-esque for her 21st Birthday bash, so we met up at the station and began our quest for frocks and big expensive things that make guitars sound great.

Had a fun day moochin' and generally checking out all the funky stuff down there and came away with Amy's outfit sorted and a brand new shiny Orange amp- the guys got pretty much the Mother of all deals and came away super chuffed and I guess, super broke! So no prizes for guessing what we're gonna be up to tonight-can't wait to hear that fat, warm sound it's gonna kick out!
Bye for now
Mel xxx.

Friday, 17 April 2009


As I finished my last blog and watched it disappear into the cyber world I realised that I had forgotten to tell you about our ning community and that our latest morsels of music had been deposited there oooopps : D so please go along to have a listen and let us know how they make you feel.

Take care

Mel xx

Thursday, 16 April 2009


O.K, O.K, who ate too many Easter eggs this year? Why on this merry earth do we do it eh? I was chatting to my good mate Sabs only this morning and there is just no getting away from it-there's only so much a digestive system can happily take- SO, from the 4 or 5 hours that are left of today it's out with the chocs and in with the lentils!

Anyhow on to things far more exciting and way less fattening- we completed our demo of PAPER SATELLITES last night so we'll get it up on our site A.S.A.P so that you can catch the vibe of the song and get making your own satellite creation to enter into our competition ( details on our site ). I started making one last week and its' kinda grown into a sort of Mother ship! And O.K it's not STRICTLY made of paper- there's a bit of card+ the odd bit of egg box in there too!
Just gotta finish it off by putting my message on there- et voila! I'll stick a pic up when she's done. I've just decided my satellite will be named Legacy 3. Yep.

I know it's been a long time coming peeps and your patience has been much appreciated, but the new demos are up as 'tasters' so have a listen and tell us what you think!
Nice talkin' to ya!
Take care

Mel xxx.

Monday, 6 April 2009


APRIL 4th: .....come to those who wait!
Hi folks, all good here- TOO LONG NOW is FINALLY in the bag after all manner of changes but we are all more than chuffed with how it's turned out- even though it seems like it's been forever to crack it. But cracked it we have and now we're just plugging away at these last few tracks and ticking them off our 'To Do List' one by one which is feeling pretty good and great to be able to play them back to back and start to get a feel for how the album's gonna be.

Played some of the newies to my folks yesterday and got the big thumbs up -let's face it, there's nothing quite like a good helping of parental support to keep you going is there?
So up and onwards we climb towards PAPER SATELLITES which is our next immediate task- as I said before, most of it is already sorted but just need to complete the verses and then we'll be able to stick it up on our site to hopefully inspire you to come up with some fantastic paper creations in our satellite competition ( please go to our site for details ).

Lovin the fact that it's April and spring has definitely sprung!
Hope you're all doing good
Speak soon

Love Mel xxx.

Saturday, 28 March 2009


Hi folks just thought I'd give you the briefest of updates- had a really great one today- tidying up all those loose little ends so that we can push on and get PAPER SATELLITES finished. We've kind of got all the parts pretty much sussed, so it's just a matter of me recording vocals for verses and thinking about the all important dynamics of the song.

Lee has written the most gorgeous piano intro which has real bona fide sounds from outer space mixed into it- he got them from this space dude called Sven ( sounds like some kind of special agent ha ha! ) who kindly let us use them. I can't really say much more than that for fear of getting the facts way past wrong- but it's something along those lines anyway.

I am feeling SO chuffed with the mid 8 on this little beauty - there is some serious and prolonged moshing to be done here! - preferably in a large warm room with many others heartily performing the same task!!

Well we've wrapped it up early tonight as Lee wanted to get to a gig, so me and Ian will chill and chew over the fruits of our labours.
Remember CLOCKS BACK tomorrow peeps!
Take good care

Mel xx.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009


MARCH 25th - Well since I last wrote not only have we cracked those bridges in Too Long Now, but there's a whoppa of a guitar riff that's sneaked it's way in there too! We thought we'd wrapped this song up ages ago - ( the title couldn't really be more apt if we tried! ) but having listened again with fresh ears, we just felt we could do better in that all important doorway-to-the-chorus bit and that the rest of the song was really strong and deserved that extra bit of crafting.

I'd spent a bit of time penning some new lyrics but when we all started working on the song together, the vibe SO changed, I mean changed with a capitol ' C' that I was inspired to sing differently and the lyrics just didn't fit, so we did the only decent thing - ditch them! This resulted in something new and much better emerging - song writing is like that all over, but if it gets you to a place where you are really satisfied with what you've done in the end, then bring on the ditching!

Tonight's our mid week writing sesh which I can't wait for and then I think the guys are off tomorrow to wrap their grey matter round the latest cubase program which is all good.....if you're a serious tech head! Alas I fit not into that category, but I do hold a generous helping of respect and fascination for Lee and Ian's capacity to devour such knowledge. Meanwhile I sit and write my lyrics with pen and paper! More specifically it has to be a block of narrow feint and a sharp pencil- don't ask me why, maybe it's earthy and reminds me of creative writing classes at school which I used to adore!

Well that's enough quirks for one day speak soon

Mel xxx.

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Tasty new song!

March 15th:
Hello peoples!
Another week has jetted past it seems, but thankfully the Sunnies have not been left empty handed by any means - nope, It was super-sized smiles and frequent nods of approval all round yesterday as we finished our new baby called JUST LIKE PARKED CARS.
I've gotta say that I'm completely loving this track! The sense of achievement is also vastly heightened by the fact that it started life as a completely different song a couple of years ago but was never quite right, so ended up kind of hanging around in limbo land. Two years on we dusted her off and had another look- et voila - she's turned into a shiny, new, cracking little tune!!

As if that wasn't enough to revel in, Lee and Ian came up with an amazing instrumental piece which is oozing atmosphere and emotion. It was tempting to try and put some vocals to the piece, but no, less was deffo more, so I was content to chill out on a beanbag the size of a small island, while their beautiful music wafted round the room- yeah, it had to be done!

Meeting up with the guys in a couple of days to try and fix a bridge that has a wee bit of lack in it's lustre, but I'm confident we will nail it this time - kind of feels like putting those last few pieces into a giant jigsaw before you see the picture in all it's glory.

Plans for the album are shaping up really nicely and there's such a sense of all the threads coming together- just gotta push on and get theses last few tracks down.

Take care and have a week full of good good things!

Mel xxx.

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Well skipadee-do-dah March has landed on our doorsteps already! Don’t get me wrong, February is a natty little month what with Valentine’s day and pancake day, but I shan’t say that I’ll miss all those cold dark nights and having to scrape mountains of ice off the car windscreen- no sir-ee!

Well yesterday saw us getting together again for a photo shoot after a short break due to Lee getting well and truly zapped with some nasty gastroenteritis type lurgy- poor chapster. But he’s fighting fit now and thankfully we can all get back on course. ( Just want to say BIG thanks to Lou and Claudia for doing us proud with the snaps xx).

As many of you know, we had a major reshuffle towards the end of last year and it feels that Sunsoma, along with all the green shoots of Spring is beginning to emerge. To mark the onset of this most illustrious of seasons, we have some new tracks, new pics and a competition for you to enter!


We were recently contacted by an online teens magazine who found us cos’ we’d done a couple of Oxjam gigs. We’re the featured band this month, so if you wanna have a read of our interview which comes out on March 2nd, you’ll find us at:

The Paper Satellites Competition

O.K back to all things new. How d’you fancy getting all creative? Sunsoma are writing a new song called ‘Paper Satellites’ which was inspired by the thought of sending a message into outer space with the hope that someone might just catch a glimpse of it someday- So here it comes- we want You guys to make a paper satellite and put your own little message on it!
Now, if you’re feeling super flashy you can design, construct and decorate your own satellite completely from scratch, or you can print off one of our ‘paper satellite’ templates and make and decorate that one.
Just follow this link ( and it will take you to our fan network, just look for the competition in the forum, click it and find all the instructions of what to do next!

There are just two rules chaps- Your satellite must be made out of paper or thin card and please keep your mesages wholesome - any rude stuff will be torched.

The competition will run for the next couple of months and the winner will have a picture of their satellite and their name published in our album artwork.

You can send in as many entries as you like, so get cracking and unleash that artistic nature of yours!!

Take care and see you soon Mel xxx.