Friday, 18 September 2009


Hi you good bunch!
Itza new day itza new dawn and with it comes our latest offering- SIRENS, although we're not quite out of the woods yet with this little bute -for some reason this particular song is proving to be a test of patience, perseverance, perspiration and all the other P words whose bi-products, once out of and through the mire, are a healthy strengthening of character and resolve! I look forward to receiving those gifts but for now I think we're still perched and poised somewhere in the middle of all this.

Can't really put our fingers on why it's gone this way- maybe we lost sight of that initial inspiration or because we wrote on different days we changed the vibe too much- who knows? But what I do know is that we have some great parts and we just need to recapture the threads that will link it all together. Giving up is not something we do- think of SUNSOMA as a three headed Jack Russell with a mighty bone - there just is no point in trying to get it off us!
So, the song WILL emerge standing tall and fully clothed in all its' glory, we're just taking a bit of time to achieve it that's all.

My PAPER SATELLITE is at last complete ( and what a size-mic arts and craft exercise it's been too! ) I'll take some pics this weekend and load it up for your perusal.

Hey did anyone see The Human Bird on T.V last week? This dude basically hurls himself off buildings and mountains in nothing more than a webbed shell suit and then pulls a parachute at the last minute- crazy crazy CRAZEEEEEE!!
I'm off to revisit Sirens and see if inspiration comes my way
Take care all
Mel xxx

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