Saturday, 11 September 2010


Hey troops! Hope this finds you well and in a state of utter perkyness!- just thought a quick catch up from the Sunnies was long overdue, and as I find myself with a few delicious moments to spare, I thought it best to put them to good use.
The Summer of 2010 has been a hugely social affair for us, full to the brim with family gatherings, celebrations, and shindigs of every description!

It all kicked off in a flurry of romance with my bro announcing his engagement and imminent wedding- he's getting hitched next Saturday to the lovely Nita, and I have truly not seen him this settled or happy for years- a definite case of meeting one's match I'd say.

Next my exotic, super charged dynamo of a Mexican cousin pays us a visit with her two equally zesty kids and we hit the tourist scene as if London were the only city still alive. I mean we did the lot- The Changing Of The Guard, London Eye, Madame Tussauds, Harrods, King's road, etc., etc.. A complete whirl wind of culture washed down with a sizeable slurp of materialism- wouldn't have missed it for the world!
Suffice to say, all manner of other interesting bods have crossed our threshold this Summer and its' reminded me just how important friends are- without them you are nowhere.

The upshot of all this gallivanting is that our song writing has slowed up a little during the Summer months, but I'm happy to report that Sunsoma have now reconvened and a vibrant new song entitled 'HEART SPACE' has been written and completed in demo form. This song holds particular significance to me as I've been trying to write it for years!! A number of sincere and heart felt attempts have been previously made to cajole it into something worthy of putting on the album, but to no avail. It was always nearly there but not quite.
Now, at last, I can say it is quite there. I love it, it fulfils me and I am happy-and even if no one else ever got to hear it I would still be happy. What more can I say? You WILL of course get to hear it, I just wrote that for dramatic effect!

We said our farewells to Lee as his train sped away into the dark, Pompey- bound night, and Ian and I are now sitting here in our loft mulling over the day's creative offerings.
This time next week my brother Ru will be married to the girl who stole his heart, Ian will be chilling with a large beer after having successfully delivered his best man speech and I'll be just enjoying every moment of everything with the people I love the most x

Cheers all!

Mel xxx.