Tuesday, 26 May 2009


Hi troops! hope you're all feeling 'topped up' after the Bank Holiday week-end and ready to grab the week by it's ankles! We did our usual writing stint on Saturday- been doing loads of house sitting recently- feel we've sort of become like a bunch of musical nomads travelling around with all our recording gear from place to place- we set up camp, work on a song and then move on to the next destination. Who knows, maybe being in all these different places helps to keep the creativity flowing. We've got no shortage of ideas at the moment, so it must be working!

I'm happy to report that we're writing a new track-it kind of 'morphs' it's way out of the end of PAPER SATELLITES using the same piano riff but with a completely different vocal line. It's quite chilled and will hopefully add balance to the more full-on tracks on the album. Almost simultaneously, we've been inspired with another track (title still to be decided!), which is a mellow little number too. At this rate we are in serious danger of having too many tracks to fit on the album, but give me this kind of danger any day!

This pre production stage may have been a long old haul but it's been SO worth it and it's taught us bag loads of stuff- just can't wait to hear it all properly recorded....bring it on!

Speak soon Mel xx.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009


Hi all! It's been a little while I know since I last logged in - the last month has been quite a patchy affair- Lee was feeling under the weather so we had to cancel a few meet ups, plus we've had a serious quota of technology malfunction to contend with and-oh yeah, Ian and I went gallivanting off to Devon for a few days which was just the best thing- we visited this crazy place called the valley of rocks and basically walked our faces off!!! the scenery was to die for and well worth clambering up all those vertical-lactic acid- inducing-hills ! ( I have now decided to become a huge and official fan of gallivanting- it needs to be done- often!).
So no, in truth not our most productive of months but nay mind, we shall soon be back on track.......

Last Saturday saw the band taking more of a 'gall' than a 'vant' down to Brighton- Ian and Lee wanted to check out guitar amps and Amy (Lee's girl) needed something Moulin Rouge-esque for her 21st Birthday bash, so we met up at the station and began our quest for frocks and big expensive things that make guitars sound great.

Had a fun day moochin' and generally checking out all the funky stuff down there and came away with Amy's outfit sorted and a brand new shiny Orange amp- the guys got pretty much the Mother of all deals and came away super chuffed and I guess, super broke! So no prizes for guessing what we're gonna be up to tonight-can't wait to hear that fat, warm sound it's gonna kick out!
Bye for now
Mel xxx.