Wednesday, 13 May 2009


Hi all! It's been a little while I know since I last logged in - the last month has been quite a patchy affair- Lee was feeling under the weather so we had to cancel a few meet ups, plus we've had a serious quota of technology malfunction to contend with and-oh yeah, Ian and I went gallivanting off to Devon for a few days which was just the best thing- we visited this crazy place called the valley of rocks and basically walked our faces off!!! the scenery was to die for and well worth clambering up all those vertical-lactic acid- inducing-hills ! ( I have now decided to become a huge and official fan of gallivanting- it needs to be done- often!).
So no, in truth not our most productive of months but nay mind, we shall soon be back on track.......

Last Saturday saw the band taking more of a 'gall' than a 'vant' down to Brighton- Ian and Lee wanted to check out guitar amps and Amy (Lee's girl) needed something Moulin Rouge-esque for her 21st Birthday bash, so we met up at the station and began our quest for frocks and big expensive things that make guitars sound great.

Had a fun day moochin' and generally checking out all the funky stuff down there and came away with Amy's outfit sorted and a brand new shiny Orange amp- the guys got pretty much the Mother of all deals and came away super chuffed and I guess, super broke! So no prizes for guessing what we're gonna be up to tonight-can't wait to hear that fat, warm sound it's gonna kick out!
Bye for now
Mel xxx.

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