Friday, 17 April 2009


As I finished my last blog and watched it disappear into the cyber world I realised that I had forgotten to tell you about our ning community and that our latest morsels of music had been deposited there oooopps : D so please go along to have a listen and let us know how they make you feel.

Take care

Mel xx

Thursday, 16 April 2009


O.K, O.K, who ate too many Easter eggs this year? Why on this merry earth do we do it eh? I was chatting to my good mate Sabs only this morning and there is just no getting away from it-there's only so much a digestive system can happily take- SO, from the 4 or 5 hours that are left of today it's out with the chocs and in with the lentils!

Anyhow on to things far more exciting and way less fattening- we completed our demo of PAPER SATELLITES last night so we'll get it up on our site A.S.A.P so that you can catch the vibe of the song and get making your own satellite creation to enter into our competition ( details on our site ). I started making one last week and its' kinda grown into a sort of Mother ship! And O.K it's not STRICTLY made of paper- there's a bit of card+ the odd bit of egg box in there too!
Just gotta finish it off by putting my message on there- et voila! I'll stick a pic up when she's done. I've just decided my satellite will be named Legacy 3. Yep.

I know it's been a long time coming peeps and your patience has been much appreciated, but the new demos are up as 'tasters' so have a listen and tell us what you think!
Nice talkin' to ya!
Take care

Mel xxx.

Monday, 6 April 2009


APRIL 4th: .....come to those who wait!
Hi folks, all good here- TOO LONG NOW is FINALLY in the bag after all manner of changes but we are all more than chuffed with how it's turned out- even though it seems like it's been forever to crack it. But cracked it we have and now we're just plugging away at these last few tracks and ticking them off our 'To Do List' one by one which is feeling pretty good and great to be able to play them back to back and start to get a feel for how the album's gonna be.

Played some of the newies to my folks yesterday and got the big thumbs up -let's face it, there's nothing quite like a good helping of parental support to keep you going is there?
So up and onwards we climb towards PAPER SATELLITES which is our next immediate task- as I said before, most of it is already sorted but just need to complete the verses and then we'll be able to stick it up on our site to hopefully inspire you to come up with some fantastic paper creations in our satellite competition ( please go to our site for details ).

Lovin the fact that it's April and spring has definitely sprung!
Hope you're all doing good
Speak soon

Love Mel xxx.