Saturday, 28 March 2009


Hi folks just thought I'd give you the briefest of updates- had a really great one today- tidying up all those loose little ends so that we can push on and get PAPER SATELLITES finished. We've kind of got all the parts pretty much sussed, so it's just a matter of me recording vocals for verses and thinking about the all important dynamics of the song.

Lee has written the most gorgeous piano intro which has real bona fide sounds from outer space mixed into it- he got them from this space dude called Sven ( sounds like some kind of special agent ha ha! ) who kindly let us use them. I can't really say much more than that for fear of getting the facts way past wrong- but it's something along those lines anyway.

I am feeling SO chuffed with the mid 8 on this little beauty - there is some serious and prolonged moshing to be done here! - preferably in a large warm room with many others heartily performing the same task!!

Well we've wrapped it up early tonight as Lee wanted to get to a gig, so me and Ian will chill and chew over the fruits of our labours.
Remember CLOCKS BACK tomorrow peeps!
Take good care

Mel xx.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009


MARCH 25th - Well since I last wrote not only have we cracked those bridges in Too Long Now, but there's a whoppa of a guitar riff that's sneaked it's way in there too! We thought we'd wrapped this song up ages ago - ( the title couldn't really be more apt if we tried! ) but having listened again with fresh ears, we just felt we could do better in that all important doorway-to-the-chorus bit and that the rest of the song was really strong and deserved that extra bit of crafting.

I'd spent a bit of time penning some new lyrics but when we all started working on the song together, the vibe SO changed, I mean changed with a capitol ' C' that I was inspired to sing differently and the lyrics just didn't fit, so we did the only decent thing - ditch them! This resulted in something new and much better emerging - song writing is like that all over, but if it gets you to a place where you are really satisfied with what you've done in the end, then bring on the ditching!

Tonight's our mid week writing sesh which I can't wait for and then I think the guys are off tomorrow to wrap their grey matter round the latest cubase program which is all good.....if you're a serious tech head! Alas I fit not into that category, but I do hold a generous helping of respect and fascination for Lee and Ian's capacity to devour such knowledge. Meanwhile I sit and write my lyrics with pen and paper! More specifically it has to be a block of narrow feint and a sharp pencil- don't ask me why, maybe it's earthy and reminds me of creative writing classes at school which I used to adore!

Well that's enough quirks for one day speak soon

Mel xxx.

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Tasty new song!

March 15th:
Hello peoples!
Another week has jetted past it seems, but thankfully the Sunnies have not been left empty handed by any means - nope, It was super-sized smiles and frequent nods of approval all round yesterday as we finished our new baby called JUST LIKE PARKED CARS.
I've gotta say that I'm completely loving this track! The sense of achievement is also vastly heightened by the fact that it started life as a completely different song a couple of years ago but was never quite right, so ended up kind of hanging around in limbo land. Two years on we dusted her off and had another look- et voila - she's turned into a shiny, new, cracking little tune!!

As if that wasn't enough to revel in, Lee and Ian came up with an amazing instrumental piece which is oozing atmosphere and emotion. It was tempting to try and put some vocals to the piece, but no, less was deffo more, so I was content to chill out on a beanbag the size of a small island, while their beautiful music wafted round the room- yeah, it had to be done!

Meeting up with the guys in a couple of days to try and fix a bridge that has a wee bit of lack in it's lustre, but I'm confident we will nail it this time - kind of feels like putting those last few pieces into a giant jigsaw before you see the picture in all it's glory.

Plans for the album are shaping up really nicely and there's such a sense of all the threads coming together- just gotta push on and get theses last few tracks down.

Take care and have a week full of good good things!

Mel xxx.

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Well skipadee-do-dah March has landed on our doorsteps already! Don’t get me wrong, February is a natty little month what with Valentine’s day and pancake day, but I shan’t say that I’ll miss all those cold dark nights and having to scrape mountains of ice off the car windscreen- no sir-ee!

Well yesterday saw us getting together again for a photo shoot after a short break due to Lee getting well and truly zapped with some nasty gastroenteritis type lurgy- poor chapster. But he’s fighting fit now and thankfully we can all get back on course. ( Just want to say BIG thanks to Lou and Claudia for doing us proud with the snaps xx).

As many of you know, we had a major reshuffle towards the end of last year and it feels that Sunsoma, along with all the green shoots of Spring is beginning to emerge. To mark the onset of this most illustrious of seasons, we have some new tracks, new pics and a competition for you to enter!


We were recently contacted by an online teens magazine who found us cos’ we’d done a couple of Oxjam gigs. We’re the featured band this month, so if you wanna have a read of our interview which comes out on March 2nd, you’ll find us at:

The Paper Satellites Competition

O.K back to all things new. How d’you fancy getting all creative? Sunsoma are writing a new song called ‘Paper Satellites’ which was inspired by the thought of sending a message into outer space with the hope that someone might just catch a glimpse of it someday- So here it comes- we want You guys to make a paper satellite and put your own little message on it!
Now, if you’re feeling super flashy you can design, construct and decorate your own satellite completely from scratch, or you can print off one of our ‘paper satellite’ templates and make and decorate that one.
Just follow this link ( and it will take you to our fan network, just look for the competition in the forum, click it and find all the instructions of what to do next!

There are just two rules chaps- Your satellite must be made out of paper or thin card and please keep your mesages wholesome - any rude stuff will be torched.

The competition will run for the next couple of months and the winner will have a picture of their satellite and their name published in our album artwork.

You can send in as many entries as you like, so get cracking and unleash that artistic nature of yours!!

Take care and see you soon Mel xxx.