Wednesday, 25 March 2009


MARCH 25th - Well since I last wrote not only have we cracked those bridges in Too Long Now, but there's a whoppa of a guitar riff that's sneaked it's way in there too! We thought we'd wrapped this song up ages ago - ( the title couldn't really be more apt if we tried! ) but having listened again with fresh ears, we just felt we could do better in that all important doorway-to-the-chorus bit and that the rest of the song was really strong and deserved that extra bit of crafting.

I'd spent a bit of time penning some new lyrics but when we all started working on the song together, the vibe SO changed, I mean changed with a capitol ' C' that I was inspired to sing differently and the lyrics just didn't fit, so we did the only decent thing - ditch them! This resulted in something new and much better emerging - song writing is like that all over, but if it gets you to a place where you are really satisfied with what you've done in the end, then bring on the ditching!

Tonight's our mid week writing sesh which I can't wait for and then I think the guys are off tomorrow to wrap their grey matter round the latest cubase program which is all good.....if you're a serious tech head! Alas I fit not into that category, but I do hold a generous helping of respect and fascination for Lee and Ian's capacity to devour such knowledge. Meanwhile I sit and write my lyrics with pen and paper! More specifically it has to be a block of narrow feint and a sharp pencil- don't ask me why, maybe it's earthy and reminds me of creative writing classes at school which I used to adore!

Well that's enough quirks for one day speak soon

Mel xxx.

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