Wednesday, 12 May 2010


Well there we have it, suns have set, moons have waned, volcanos and politicians alike have spewed disruptive matter from their mouths, songs have been finished and wine has very definitely been tasted- yep, recently us three downed tools and zipped off for an afternoon of sampling the delights of the humble grape and supped the lovely stuff it gets transformed into once a bit of squishing and bottling has taken place.
Among other things we learned that when you do the posh bit and swill the wine round in the glass before taking an almighty sniff, if the thin layer of wine that is left around the glass begins to form small drips or tears, these are known as 'legs' which basically means the alcoholic content is more potent and the flavour of the wine will be sweeter- there you go, one of those useful little nuggets of trivia to keep up yer sleeve and fox 'em with at your next pub quiz!!

The band experienced a wee bit of drama recently as quite late one evening, Lee and myself were revelling in the joy of having just finished our latest song SPIN ME FASTER, when our chuffed-ness was swiftly cut short due to Ian needing to get to A and E sooner than, well, immediately.
He was in excruciating pain and I felt utterly powerless to help ease the situation- all I could do was squeeze his arm which he later assured me was a very important thing to have done.
I won't go into heaps of detail, but it appears the poor chap has accrued a substantial but unwelcome gathering of gall stones and his body no longer wishes to house them. Off with their heads I say! A routine op is imminent and Ian will be rid of these crystallised critters in a jiffy. Storing them in a jar as some kind of scientific memento is however, plain wrong- Spicey please note.

Lee has been working hard organising a photo shoot for our album cover, ( legs are involved, but not the alcoholic kind )so looking forward to seeing the fruits of his labours, and we have just two more songs to knock into shape before we are ready to record properly... I am seeing that light!

Hope all is well with you good folk
Speak soon
Mel xxx.