Sunday, 15 March 2009

Tasty new song!

March 15th:
Hello peoples!
Another week has jetted past it seems, but thankfully the Sunnies have not been left empty handed by any means - nope, It was super-sized smiles and frequent nods of approval all round yesterday as we finished our new baby called JUST LIKE PARKED CARS.
I've gotta say that I'm completely loving this track! The sense of achievement is also vastly heightened by the fact that it started life as a completely different song a couple of years ago but was never quite right, so ended up kind of hanging around in limbo land. Two years on we dusted her off and had another look- et voila - she's turned into a shiny, new, cracking little tune!!

As if that wasn't enough to revel in, Lee and Ian came up with an amazing instrumental piece which is oozing atmosphere and emotion. It was tempting to try and put some vocals to the piece, but no, less was deffo more, so I was content to chill out on a beanbag the size of a small island, while their beautiful music wafted round the room- yeah, it had to be done!

Meeting up with the guys in a couple of days to try and fix a bridge that has a wee bit of lack in it's lustre, but I'm confident we will nail it this time - kind of feels like putting those last few pieces into a giant jigsaw before you see the picture in all it's glory.

Plans for the album are shaping up really nicely and there's such a sense of all the threads coming together- just gotta push on and get theses last few tracks down.

Take care and have a week full of good good things!

Mel xxx.

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