Monday, 22 February 2010

IT'S ALL GOOD.......

Hey chaps happy Feb!
Yep, 2010 is rolling on nicely for us, and in spite of wrestling with a relentless bout of influenza and in poor Lee's case-a stray oyster rearing it's ugly, ugly head and doing it's worst, we're now all fighting fit again and ready for some jollies!
Plans for the album are still as fresh and exciting as ever- we spent some valuable time yesterday trawling through our somewhat eclectic C.D collection, pulling out all the things that grabbed us and we're beginning to formulate some nifty ideas. I have to say coming from an Art and Design background, I've always been a complete sucker for the way things are put together visually-it can say as much as the music and really enhances the whole vibe that you're trying to create. Lee is gonna take most of that under his more than capable wing, and we'll chip in with as much content, brow scratching, 'in- house' nosh and general nodding of heads as we can muster!

What else, what else.. well we have a new song that we're working on called A Million Pieces, we have a very talented drummer lined up for recording, we also have a top notch producer who we're gonna work with to mix and master all the tracks, we just bought a micro Orange crush 3 - ( a mini amp that would comfortably fit on any mantle piece) come on, how could we have stood a hope in the fiery furnace as it fluttered it's pint- sized gorgeousness at us and ensnared our poor, unsuspecting Saturday- shopper- hearts. The softening process having been accomplished, our hard earned cash made a beeline for the comfiest tray in the till and three pairs of socks were suitably blown off! Oh Oh Oh, it is cuteness with a capital C and we are revelling in our love!
We've also been eyeing up a new laptop to start our recording with-now seems like as good a time as any as the one we use has it's quirks and might benefit from being a little less trashed 24/7! I should imagine for Lee that will be one of those deliciously crisp, blank canvas moments- loads of RAM and hard drive space to commune with -a slice of all out techno heaven methinks!

Catch you laters!
speak soon

Mel xxx