Sunday, 4 October 2009


Mr. A safely returns! These past two weeks we have sorely and unashamedly missed the dulcet tones and nifty riffs of Lee, as he zipped over to Turkey for a well earned holiday en famille. We haven't hooked up in the flesh yet, but by all accounts his trip was extremely eventful- attempting to save a man's life at sea and experiencing the joys and enviable epidermal benefits of a full-body mud pack to name but two!

Hark! We've been stoking up the home fires and they're burning ever brightly-we're longing to cement those final few tunes with a longingness akin to an unquenchable, super-sized desire trapped in the lift at the top floor of the Burj Dubai, having been relocated to the very end of the Pan- American Highway.... ummmm, this analogy is beginning to give me brain strain, so I'll take the route of good old plain English instead- we're just dead keen to crack on!!

Last weekend saw me and Ian take to The Downs armed with Bob's camera (Ta Bob!), my satellite and just the right amount of Autumn sunshine to snap a few shots of my paper handywork- I named it Legacy 3 after me, Ian and Lee and the fact that our tunes will far out live us- although I did read with a fair degree of scepticism this week, that scientists have discovered something that can keep muscles young and prevent the ageing process- does the same apply for your marbles I wonder?

So anyways, it was a successful photo shoot, interrupted only by the curiousity of passers- by who wanted to know if I was actually going to launch the thing- Na, this baby only orbits in your imaginations!!
Well until next time-take good care of that skin you're in!
Mel xxx

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