Monday, 26 October 2009


Hello gang 'tis time for another blog-ette methinks! I trust that you are abounding in wellness and have readjusted to the fact that a riot of dark winter evenings have once again pitched up on our very doorsteps, handed in their annual petition against all things clement, and are now poised to revel in cutting short our daily light source until they are finally yet firmly nudged on by another thankful onset of Spring...... It's not all bad though- staring up at twinkly freezing skies, waking up to a snow laden world, walking on the beach when it's just you and the moon, getting too hot by the fire, rain on the roof, lashings of hearty soup,..... these are a few of my favourite things!

We are happy to announce that we have another completed track- SIRENS- but talk about tough to get there! The journey with this one was not for the faint hearted- just did crazy amounts of re-writes and went round in many circles before we came out of the mire- I can't really remember how we ended up being eventually spewed out of that dark, treacly place, I must have used half a tree to get the lyrics right and we're only using about half of them- sorry tree. But I guess you just keep plugging away till you have a bunch of little break throughs and one thing seems to spark another. I'm loving the track though and it was well worth all the grief! It's pretty dancy and upbeat and we're all well up for putting it 1st on the album. Moshability factor = extremely high on this one, so get ready you little groovers you!

Manflu has dealt an unwelcome blow to Lee this past week, so hope you're wrapped up warm and tight dude and on that road to recovery..... The next track we're gonna write has a really chilled vibe, which kind of feels right after the emotional assault of the last one! Maybe it's a girl thing, cos' Ian and Lee are pretty calm when a song isn't quite working, whereas I can get into this rapid downward spiral that goes something like - I'll-never-write-another-song-again, which is completely nutsville and I should SO know better!!

I think I am slightly in love with a guitar that we tried out on Saturday- it was a Taylor and it sang. I am not in love with the price.

Also go see the new Terry Gilliam movie The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus- O.K O.K, so maybe the story line isn't the strongest in the world and a couple of popcorn strewn revellers did actually vacate their seats about half way through the movie, BUT the sheer creativity and visual melange will not disappoint- especially if you are of an artistic disposition and have a fondness for all things Monty Python. Enjoy!

Peace like that old river! Mel xxx.

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