Saturday, 28 November 2009


Hey chaps, as I sit here under the jet black December sky with fingers poised to tap out a bunch of my latest musings, I realise that the festive season is but a breath away! Last week I sensed a delicious, well rounded pause in the air before the flurry, scurry and inevitable hurry towards that pert little twenty four hours known as Christmas Day- sadly it was short lived and I have begun to observe signs that the madness is now with us- the flushed cheeks of a woman who feels compelled to out do last year's attempt at perfection, the distant stare of a man who dies a million times inside when his kids announce their wish list, and the glassy eyes of a pensioner who just hopes they'll be warm enough and that someone will call round.....
Crikey Mel's having a vaguely dark moment! don't get me wrong, I am an out and out die hard fan of the whole festive bit, I LOVE IT, but I just don't get it why everyone goes so nuts. Just... chill... world.

Anyway ,The Sunnies are all well, and it's still noses to the wheel as we bring our collection of demos for the album towards it's much longed for and frequently dreamed of completion- I know it seems like I've been saying it for eons, but it really is all coming together now and sometimes you just have to take time over things- we've learnt more than I could imagine working in our little unit of 3, and we've watched our writing process develop before our very eyes. Each time a song resides firmly under our belts, we can draw upon those experiences and add it to the next, probably without even realising it. There have been agonising moments when we've creatively hit a bit of a brick wall, but it's been amazing too and worth every second that we've had to wait for the magic to return!!

Good people I must away as my voice needs a good night's sleep.....
Take care and looking forward to catching up soon!
Mel xxx

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