Tuesday, 1 September 2009


Hi allski- Hope you've had a Summer of marvellousness and are feeling refreshed and ready for all that season 3 of 2009 has to offer. We're all good here, although I must apologise for being a super sized slacker with my blogs lately- we've been doing our nomadic thing again- moving from house to house over the Summer and just busy busy with family, friends, camping trips, room makeovers and the like, and I don't know where the time's gone, but gone it has!

Lee came and hung out with us for a few weeks too- it was a real pleasure to have him about, although being of the nocturnal variety, we would sometimes pass like ships in the night! But alternate sleep patterns aside, when we did meet up it gave us a chance to work on our ideas and just be together which is a major part of being in a band too- otherwise it's way too clinical and you just become no more than work associates.

Saturday saw us back on old stomping ground- we haven't met in the church basement for months, so it was good to get back to it and a new tune is in the making! Finishing our demos had slowed up over the last couple of months so we were all hungry to make up for lost time- we're so nearly there, just need to focus on these last few numbers.

Looking forward to seeing the progress of our animation video for Paper Satellites at some point too - matey Aidan is the brains and undisputed talent behind that little project, so can't wait! When I think about it, The Sunnies have so much to look forward to and little by little it's all coming together-Happy Days! take care all Mel xxx.

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