Saturday, 11 July 2009


and moi would plunge head first into an icy cold rectangle of water, whilst, as if by some magnetic force, every cloud in the sky is simultaneously compelled to morph into a giant water pistol and aim straight for my head- yes, it happened to me today and it was actually a strangely pleasant experience that if at all possible, I am fairly determined to repeat. Glancing at the weather reports, tomorrow and the next day seem like good candidates for another serious dousing!!

The reason for all this wateryness is that The Sunnies are house sitting in a new location that sports a dreamy cool turquoise pool and an ultra cosy loft space that we've kinda rearranged ever-so-slightly into a music studio, so we're all set for a good stint of writing, recording and generally being the creative bods that we love to be. There is the mother of all train sets in the room next door- don't really get the whole model railway thing, but I have to say I can appreciate the detail- each building is a lovingly crafted work of art and must have taken a nuts amount of time to piece together.

Anyway, matey Lee is coming up tomorrow and we'll get restuck into LIGHTS- a song that we first tapped into way back in January. We had other songs that we were still adding the icing to at the time, so we decided to keep this little beauty on the back burner till we had the head space- and now it seems we do.

We are in a state of blissful agreement that this will be the last track on the album- the sentiment is one of hope and of pushing on despite whatever comes, and it's just crying out to be there really. In my mind the chorus is pretty much set in stone now- it was one of those inspired moments where music and melody are inseparable- now why would you want to mess with that? Verses are coming along nicely and the outro is all there too, so I have high hopes for this track.
I'm gonna sign off for now- as I sit here I'm listening to the comforting sound of rain on the roof and it makes me feel just grateful- yep, really grateful for everything I have.
Cheers all take it easy!

Mel xx.

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