Wednesday, 1 July 2009


....does indeed have a silver lining, all be it a bakingly hot one right now! Yep, the Sunnies were all set to do a live acoustic set on Radio Lion tonight, but alas and somewhat disappointingly, our pint sized road trip ( it only takes 20 mins to get there! ), has now been postponed for a couple of weeks- due to-not sure-something-ish.

On reflection, it could be a colossal Godsend though, as hopelessly trying to grip on to your guitar with sweaty mitts and a burning brow doesn't exactly bode well for a cool, calm and collected performance- Mandy's little studio is pretty roasty at the best of times, so what with this heat wave, methinks we've kinda escaped that one!

Anyway, back to the silver lining-I was putting the set together and really felt I'd like to put something new in there- we've been recording demos for quite a while, but I haven't actually sat down, guitar in hand and just messed about with a bunch of chords for ages. Wehey RESULT! a new song has emerged- title is either gonna be: WHAT'S NOT TO LIKE or MAKING OF ME- can't quite decide yet! but I'm really into it. Ian's heard it and has given the thumbs up, so just gotta see if Lee likes it too. So there you have it - no to the gig, but yes to a new song! I shall sign off for now in a very contented mood and go and have a strum or two of the Mel xx.

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