Friday, 26 June 2009

R. I. P. JACKO.....

Just wanted to pay my respects to Michael- I wasn't the kind of fan to camp outside his house or bear my teeth as I fought over tickets- but I have bought albums and tried in vain to attempt the moon walk ( come on now so have you! ) and despite the bizarre life choices he's made, I still respect him hugely for his contribution to the music world and I am truly sad that he died under such seemingly huge stress levels. It is a sobering reminder that fame does not immunise you from death- in fact, very often the opposite appears to be true.
However much the family may wish to grieve in private, this will be a hugely public affair and no doubt in Diana style our T.V viewing will be dominated by a glittering array of 'Jackomentaries' for the foreseeable future.

Rest In Peace Michael Jackson.

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