Tuesday, 23 June 2009


Hey Chaps
Hope this finds you well and in high spirits-what with it being pretty toastie on the weather front right now (well at least for today anyway!) and knowing that we still have a sizeable chunk of Summer left to unfold- I was a bouncy June baby, so I guess this is my time of year if that makes any sense!

The Sunnies are still steadily making headway- we've recently been in touch with a very talented animator who is going to put together a film to go with our song PAPER SATELLITES. This is tres exciting for us as we love all things visual and can't wait to see what the fellow is going to come up with- it's gonna be so interesting to see his interpretation of one of our tracks- keep you posted.

On that self same subject- I have almost almost almost finished my paper creation now- I know it's been a ridiculously long time in the making, but I suppose I've just been adding to it and refining it bit by bit- if a job's worth doing and all that.....!
Just got one or two details left and then she'll be on display in all her cosmic glory!!!

Lee has also designed SUNNY our kind of band robot/mascot/thingy- well whatever he is, he is very cute and bagsy that I get to wear the first printed T-shirt!!

Still working on the last few tracks and bits of artwork for the album- looks like Lee 's folks are doing some building work at their place and we can use one of the rooms as a fairly permanent set-up to record in- we likey oh yes we do!
Speak soon take care all Mel xxx.

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