Wednesday, 7 April 2010


Hello chaps, hope you're all feeling topped up after the annual Easter break -We have just returned from a welcome stint of house sitting and undoubtedly enjoyed all the benefits that a change of scene brings. This past week saw a satisfying mix of song writing, enjoying simple country pleasures and chilling out with the ones we love- Ah, a little slice of paradise! Talking of slices, I have to mention, Ian utterly excelled himself in the kitchen department to a magnitude previously unexposed, and served up some properly good band nosh to help keep that inspiration flowing- we owe ya! xxx

As is customary and always a profound pleasure, Lee joined us for most of the time and almost from the minute we'd plugged all the gear in and before those peachy little valves had a chance to fully warm up, we found ourselves inspired with a new song- it really was one of those "where did that come from?" moments! The lyrics still need crafting in places, but it's all gloriously there and has a chorus that to my mind does more than it says on the tin! I am discovering, that you must seize inspiration when it strikes and not worry too much about the other song that you're still in the middle of- you can fix that one later! It was a joyous moment when we realised something fresh and unexpected was starting to take shape right before our eyes and as I sit here days later, I am still savouring it. Oh how I love this art form!!

Last week we were finally able to smash open our band piggy bank and splash out on a much needed laptop for our imminent recordings- Oh joy! It is everything that a shiny new piece of technology should be and will give Lee hours of fun!
We have an exciting piece of news as we are on the brink of signing a publishing deal for one of our songs-LITTLE WIRES- and we've also just recently met a top producer and super nice guy who is going to be part of the mixing process, and give us input where he can as we start to properly lay the tracks down-there is now a real sense of this thing gathering momentum and it's all moving in a very likeable direction!

Have a good one!

Mel xxx

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