Wednesday, 10 March 2010


Hey chaps! Just as the darkness starts to tuck itself into the beady black night sky and I find myself suitably ensconsed on my swivel chair, I thought I'd tune in with a mini mid week muse or two! Hope you geezers and gals are having yourselves a bonnie and rosy-cheeked little week so far.

Where to start then.....I have to say, I find myself to be a curious being at times- I am I believe for the most part, a well adjusted, mild mannered, law abiding, rational-( except when battling that old chestnut-ARTISTICNESS!) I try to be both kind and patient to the young and the not so, I floss, recycle and strive to hit my 5 a day, and yet somehow this week I deleted all the above in one simple act of insanity- For some reason, I thought it would be fine to put a large, highly effervescent vitamin C tablet (having seen the instructions CLEARLY state that it must be dissolved in water) into my mouth and wondered why I was surprised when my head nearly blew off! For those of you who remember space dust, it was like that but times 100. That's one thing not to do again then.

Next day I decide to cycle to a job, off- road- stylee through the woods in an attempt to stay fit and at least make an effort to chip away at my carbon footprint. With a back pack full of " I'm not that heavy, oh yes you are" tins of paint, a boggy terrain that any mud wrestler would have rejoiced over, and break pads that-er-didn't, it was never going to be a breeze. I must have arrived at the job looking like a complete loon. Thankfully, the client was delightfully eccentric herself, and told me that everything was "marvellous darling" several times. Moral? You guessed it, I shall stick to the roads until the earth has had a chance to dry out, and possibly carrying less paint would be a good option too.

The Sunnies had a rare Saturday off last week as Lee had a family Do to attend, so Ian and I took a trip to the movies and saw the new Alice in Wonderland- loved it loved it loved it! So wildly creative and Mr. Depp just keeps notching them up doesn't he!
Go and see it my friends.
However, the band is now back to it and continuing to craft our newest song A MILLION PIECES- at the moment that definitive chorus is still eluding me and I find myself seeing plenty of trees but no wood. This is where I feel least comfortable and have to fight off those irritating little demons that love to perch on my shoulder and whisper dibilitating falsities in my ear. Nah! you can take a running jump the lot of yer- I can and I WILL get there and the song will be the best it was ever meant to be. And when I've got there and it's all sitting pretty, you'll be the first to know! Tomorrow we meet again for another crack at it, so who knows...
Faithful followers I salute you!

Speak soon Mel xxx

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