Monday, 13 June 2011


Welcome one and all! Wherever you're tuning in from, I hope this finds you rosy cheeked and feeling decidedly upbeat as we gently nestle ourselves into the palms of Summer.
Well It's not often that you get to play a gig almost slap bang outside your front door, but that my friends is what we did- as part of the Haslemere Fringe festival we recently played a half hour set of our latest tunes on the opening night and rocked our little sox off!!
As we've been mainly writing as a three piece for a while, we enlisted the ample talents of Mr. Lee Crane and Mr. Martin Luklinski on guitars, with Mr. Jon Wills doing us proud on the drums- thank you guys, you were great to work with and it was fab to hear the songs come alive! xx. I have to say, I loved the whole vibe and the buzz you get from playing live - there was a really good response to the songs too which is what it's all about really. I'd LOVE to do more, but we've still got a lot of recording to do, so need to not get too side tracked just now.
On a personal note ( although I kind of think that most of what I write is personal ), joy upon joy, I 've just become an Auntie to a beautiful baby girl that I will meet for the Ist time next weekend- can't wait xx Apart from that, a spot of house moving is imminent for us, plus a whopper trip to the States in September- Happy days!!
Speak soon with album updates

Peace like a river

Mel, Ian and Lee xxx

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