Monday, 18 January 2010


Well that was a bit of a start and a half to the year!
Looking out today, that crazily heavy snowfall of the last two weeks has all but disappeared and if it weren't for the last few remaining tell tale signs- a once majestic igloo now reduced to an ungainly pile of slushy rubble, a notable quantity of healthy branches torn and strewn like limbs ripped from their sockets-and a colourful array of random gloves once lost during must- have snowball fights now lying in patient wait, secretly pining for their other halves- yes, without this small collection of reminders you could almost have been fooled into thinking that the old dream department just went into overdrive one night and you found yourself drifting around the stage set of Narnia for two weeks. But it didn't, and you were!

Truly, how could we forget waking to a fantasy world whipped into peaks of glistening ice crystals, who had silently and diligently danced their way through the dark night and on into the small hours- and boy did they party hard! I mean that was proper top grade stuff- none of that wimpy-you can look but you can't touch type of gear that we usually get. No this was snow WORTH disrupting us for!
I have loved that eerie stillness, I have loved trekking through snow up to my knees, I have loved just staying put, I have loved striking up conversations with strangers, I have loved the fact that tins of spam ( yes, spam! )were one of the most popular items flying off supermarket shelves. O.k I grant you it's nice to be able to get out and about again, but snow, a part of me is missing you!

However, the greatest benefit to this current thawing process was that this past weekend saw a much longed for re-communing with all things Sunsoma- we hadn't been able to meet in A G E S -it was good to be back! As per usual we set up shop and wasted no time getting stuck into our latest track. The bones of the song were pretty much in place before the Christmas break, so it was a matter of finishing lyrics, arrangements and just generally seeing if any musical gaps were still crying out to be filled. I am seriously into this song, and not just because it's the one we happen to be working on. I think I just love the melody and the whole feel. There is such a strong guitar solo in the outro too that just takes me away...somewhere... far!! As yet my biggest hurdle is trying to find a title- I've tried a few but all were definitely too cheesy. I think I said in an earlier blog that creating a title is like giving your song a face. I still stick by that, so looks like I'm gonna need to dig a little deeper with this one. It's funny the things we get stuck on. You'll be the first to know though when she's got her new face on, promise!

As Sunday's daylight hours drifted seamlessly into evening and a productive and extended 'sesh' had left us all feeling more than encouraged, we delivered Lee safely home into the arms of Pompeii and were left to reflect on our progress as we drove away through streaky pockets of fog listening to the sounds of Bon Iver echoing around the van. Can't think of a better way to wind up the weekend! ( I can actually- snow patrol playing an impromptu acoustic set for us in the back of the van!! ) That would be a hard one to top.

Speak soon! Peace y'all Mel xx.

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  1. Another top blog Mel, your writing is always interesting and never fails to make me smile... cheers Ian